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Application Products

Parcel Map Viewer Application - This is the Internet application which delivers our interactive maps and data analysis functions to users. Here are a few of the map products and services accessible through the Parcel Map Viewer:

PMV Analysis Reports - Through the Parcel Map Viewer, users can access and create detailed property specific analysis reports. Each report is branded with company and agent specific details including company logo and agent photo. See a sample of some of the reports below:  

Interactive Web Maps and Hosting Services

Listing Maps (for Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents) - This service allows visitors to your site to view detailed parcel maps and aerial photo images which depict your in-house listings. The mapping interface is highly interactive and allows users to retrieve listing details by clicking locations on the map.

Interactive Web Maps - Interactive web maps allow you to provide detailed interactive mapping products to your customers. These web maps can be easily accessible from your own company website. Here are a few sample interactive web maps: (These require the Adope SVG plug-in.)  

Website Design and Internet Data Management - Let us host your company website and help design an Internet platform that will allow you to better connect with your customers. We can also house and manage your in-house leasing and sale data through a secure and private Internet gateway.

Other Services

Market Listings and Mail Preparation Services - Let us help you create the perfect market mailer, using property specific information and a tailored message to target each property owner. We can also embed property specific parcel maps for each recipient in each piece of mail.

Demographic Data and Geography Analysis - Use demographic and geography based analysis to determine neighborhood make-up and evaluate changing local and regional market conditions. 

Custom Research & Technical Consulting Real Estate Mapping, Inc. can assist with your own custom research or development project. We offer consulting and technical development services. These include: application and program design; data development and analytical research.

Industry Services

Follow these links to see how mapping tools and geography information systems (GIS) can be applied in your field:

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Appraisers and Lenders

Builders, Developers and Investors

Property Managers

Attorneys and Law Offices


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