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Services for attorneys and law offices:

Parcel Map Viewer
Comparable Market Analysis Reports
Aerial Photography
Zoning Maps
Marketing List & Mail Preparation
Custom Office Reports
Custom Research & Technical Consulting

For real estate attorneys and law offices, the Parcel Map Viewer delivers a host of data analysis and presentation tools, which will prove to be invaluable to lawyers involved with land use conversion and new construction cases.

Interactive zoning maps are extremely useful as a quick and simple reference in determining the necessity of applying for conditional variances or other regulatory relief.

Detailed parcel maps and aerial photography, as well as individual property specification reports can be used in application documents to development authorities and local regulatory boards of appeal. These maps and reports can also be used as presentation materials at public hearings and other community events.

Comparable market analysis reports are particularly useful when discharging foreclosed or estate properties. Maps and reports can be used as presentation products at public auctions and at other property settlement processes.

We also offer a service, which will generate and format mailing materials for property abutters. This service is most opportune when public notification is required or when seeking community approval.

You can also offer these digital mapping services to your clients as an in office tool. As such these services may be offered through your office to developers and builders who acquire your consultation. They may use this program application as prospecting tools to locate new development projects. Click here to learn more about how developer and investors may utilize our products.

For a more detailed description of each of these services that may be utilized by attorney and law offices, follow the links in the product listing above.

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