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Zoning Map Layer
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Zoning maps allow real estate professionals to realize the full development potential of a property and in turn better understand its market value. Use these maps to clearly understand the "highest and best use" of an individual or consolidated group of parcels.

The Parcel Map Viewer delivers zoning geography to users through the digital mapping interface and allows a user to simply toggle on and off between this zoning layer depicting development potential and the standard parcel map view. The digital mapping interface allows a user to click on any individual zoning district and determine several key statistics governing the properties within that zoning district.
These statistics include:

  • zoning code designation; 
  • summary of the general land uses allowed; 
  • basic dimensional construction requirements and restrictions governing properties;  
  • references to detailed legal zoning code documentation.

Although not meant to replace the necessity to review the legal requirements depicted in the full zoning code documentation, the mapping interface offers a quick summary of details and offers a link for referencing the appropriate legal documentation governing all properties within the selected zoning district.

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