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Services for builders, developers and investors:

Parcel Map Viewer
Comparable Market Analysis Reports
Aerial Photography
Zoning Maps
Demographic Data and Geographic Analysis
Market Listings and Mail Preparation
Custom Office and Company Reports
Custom Research & Technical Consulting

Builders, developers and real estate investors will find the researching tools, available through the Parcel Map Viewer, invaluable in prospecting and researching new development deals and investments projects. 

Access to interactive zoning maps and data from your computer will make build out analysis and land use conversion assessment quick and easy, without requiring you to waste valuable time at  local town hall or building department offices. 

Aerial photography allows visualization of development scenarios and proximity analysis. 

Comparable market analysis reports make it simple to accurately value development and conversion projects and better estimate profit, without relying on the sometimes biased market valuation of sales agents.   

Demographics data analysis, including all social, economic and housing measures, is essential in understanding the current and changing makeup of local communities and regional areas.

Having a strong grasp on current market conditions, combined with realistic projections, is invaluable to determining development value and investment potential of all real estate projects. 

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