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The Parcel Map Viewer allows real estate professionals the ability to create their own property specific CMA (comparable market analysis) reports. These reports are more precise and easier to read and understand than those provided by other data providers and data retrieval system. 

Here are a few key benefits: 

Custom chosen comparable sales records
The Parcel Map Viewer allows the user to develop his or her own comparable market analysis report. Before the report is generated the user can review each of the sales transactions and the property details of each. The user can remove any sale transaction that he or she deems inappropriate for the report.

Superior filtering processes
The Parcel Map Viewer allows the user to specify his or her own filtering criteria, such as the property type, the searching radius and the time frame. This allow the user to retrieve a short list of the most relevant sales without having to manually filter inappropriate sales in other neighborhoods or of dissimilar property types.

Draw sales from all record sales transactions
The Parcel Map Viewer draws sales record from all sales recorded at the Registry of Deeds. This gives the truest picture of current market conditions. Other data providers report sales within their own network of data. Also CMA reports from listing management system rely on the accuracy of the data reported to the system. Many times this data is incomplete and is not maintained in a consistent manner. 

Report are branded as office and agent specific products
CMA reports from the Parcel Map Viewer are branded with your company logo and all contact details included on each page. Agents can also include their own specific contact details and even a photo head shot on each report.

Better Summary Statistics
All CMA reports contain important and unique data statistics. These include:

  • Cost per square foot
  • Assessing to Market Value Ratio
  • Median sale price by your own chosen comparable sales list
  • Summary statistics and a description of your filtering method.

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