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The Parcel Map Viewer delivers company and agency branded products in the form of printable maps and reports. Maps and reports are created as professional products for distribution to your clients. These reports contain customized headers including agency name, logo, and all contact information. Other requested personal information can be added to each report, including a photography of the sales agent.

View a pdf sample of these report types:

Property reports include all of the details depicted within the Parcel Map Viewer application. Some of the key statistics include: owner name, owner address, assessed value of the property, lot square footage, interior building square footage, number of bedrooms, number of baths, etc.

Comparable Market Analysis reports contain a map depicting each comparable sale as well as the subject property. The CMA reports also contain a detailed list of each relevant sale, including all property details as well as all of the details of the subject property for simple comparative evaluation. Click here for more details on the Comparable Market Analysis report.

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