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Services for brokers and sales agents:

Listing Maps
Parcel Map Viewer
Custom Office and Agent Reports
Comparable Market Analysis Reports
Aerial Photography
Zoning Maps
Demographic Data and Geographic Analysis
Interactive Web Maps (Listing Maps)
Web Design and Internet Data Management
Marketing Listings and Mail Preparation
Custom Research & Technical Consulting

Real Estate Mapping, Inc. has devoted special attention to developing products and services for real estate brokers and sales agents. See how these products can be used to simplify and automate your business process and more importantly increase your sales.

The Listing Maps Service allows realtors the ability to embed detailed parcel level maps and aerial photo images within their own website, giving homebuyers and renters the ability to retrieve listing information from the mapping interface.  

Through the Parcel Map Viewer, real estate agents can access detailed parcel maps and interact with map images to retrieve detailed property specific information such as owner name; owner address; assessed property value; land area; interior square footage, number of units or buildings; number of bedrooms, number of baths, etc.

Agents can easily generate map printouts and professionally designed reports, which contain office and agent specifications such as: contact info and embedded images of your company logo and agent photograph.

Detailed and professionally formatted comparable market analysis reports can be generated with the Parcel Map Viewer. Zoning maps and information can be accessed for “highest and best” use assessment and aerial photography images are available for visual analysis.

For a more detailed description of each of these services, follow the links in the product listing above.

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