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For real estate professionals and other businesses, who are interested in reaching a target market through direct mailings to property owners, we can help.

We can create a precise market mailing list by targeting property owners within defined geographic boundaries or within custom created geographic boundaries. These custom boundaries maybe a geographic radius or an individually designed sales district. We can further target your customer market by isolating specific property types, land use classifications or property valuation criteria.

In addition to creating a precisely targeted marketing list, we can help create a tailored message to individual property owners and we can create and embed property specific maps, images and data into each piece of mail.

By tailoring market mailings to specific property owners and customizing your message to each, real estate brokers can significantly increase their response rate to mailed marketing materials.

We can also help with the public notification processes, necessary for development proposals and/or land-use and occupancy changes. Using similar geographic filtering techniques, we can create a notification of public hearing or public proposal letter to property abutter for your development project.

Beyond these apparent uses in the real estate industries, this is service may be utilized by any company or business interested in direct mailings to property owners.

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