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For real estate agents and offices, Real Estate Mapping offers a web-based service which allows site visitors to review for-sale and for-lease listings through a detailed mapping interface. This map service will be embedded within your agency's website and allows homebuyers and tenants the ability to retrieve all listing information from the online map image. 

Service offerings and benefits include:

  • Detailed Parcel Level Maps - Parcel level mapping offers the most detailed map based available. It depicts property outlines, building footprints, street sidewalks and address numbers. To see a sample click here.
  • High Resolution Aerial Images - Users can toggle between the detailed parcel map view and the high resolution aerial photo image view. These aerial images offer an additional visualization perspective at the same time allowing the user to access property and listing detail information.  To learn more about aerial image  photo maps click here.
  • Better Branding - This service is a superb branding opportunity to agency clients. The maps are presented within an agencies own site as a company service. Additional branding is created by incorporating company listing sheets within the service.
  • Better Information Retrieval  - Instead of culling through long lists or entering complicated filtering criteria, this mapping service allows a user to retrieve listings by a simpler and more intuitive method. Users can drill- down, starting at a regional view, then going to neighborhood and community views and finally to a local property site view, all through simple mouse clicks without ever using the keyboard. 
  • Additional Listing Advertising -  The service also offers the inclusion of your listing within our website. This is in addition to the embedded map service within your own site. We have recently developed a new site to be a destination location for home buyer, renter and other real estate information users.  As we increase our web traffic, we expect this to be a beneficial and substantial advertising platform for our real estate agency clients. 

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