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Parcel Map Viewer Tutorial

To better understand the specific tools and functions of the Parcel Map Viewer, choose from the index below to view a short animated video example of each tool or function.

Or review the entire Parcel Map Viewer Tutorial for a complete overview of the applications. Each function is illustrated in a short animated Macromedia Flash video clip. The entire tutorial takes only about 15 minutes to view from start to finish.

Thanks for taking a look.

Session 1: Using the Parcel Map Viewer
   Example 1: Components of the Parcel Map Viewer interface
   Example 2: Changing view layers
   Example 3: Changing zoom level (scale) and re-centering the map
   Example 4: Retrieving information from the map image
Session 2: Locating Properties and Printing Reports
   Example 1: Finding specific properties by address or owner 
   Example 2: Printing custom reports
Session 3: Performing Comparable Market Analysis
   Example 1: Standard single property comparable market analysis
   Example 2: Advanced non property specific comparable market analysis
Parcel Map Viewer Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour to see how the this powerful Internet application can assist you and enhance your business.

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