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Real Estate Mapping, Inc. is a Boston based real estate information service provider. Our company objective is to bring location analysis and mapping services to real estate professionals. We do this by utilizing GIS technologies. Geography Information Systems (GIS) is a field of computer science that couples data management systems with computer mapping and digital cartography. The use of GIS in real estate is a logical application of the technology and is beginning to be seen as a necessary tool in understanding the complexities of real estate market statistics.

GIS in Real Estate
Our focus in this area of technology provides users with the most sophisticated and detailed level of computer mapping. This includes parcel leveling geography or the mapping of individual property lines complete with building footprints and accurate street widths. The utilization of GIS lies in the understanding, that the digital map is more than simply a visualization tool. By selecting elements from the geography, users can retrieve valuable information associated to the individual geographic features. For example, by selecting an individual property on the digital map, users can find the owner’s name and address, the assessed property value, the interior square footage of the building, the price of the most recent sale, and so on. This method of accessing and retrieving data is significantly more user friendly and intuitive than the traditional method of reviewing and searching data provided in long and difficult to read listings.

Commitment to Data Accuracy
Through our efforts to better understand the market and the needs of real estate professionals, we discovered a significant lapse in the availability of accurate, timely and relevant data. For this reason, we have made the collection and processing of accurate and current data our predominant focus. We combine data from multiple public information sources. A few of these include: municipal parcel geography, municipal assessing data, municipal zoning data, US Census Bureau data, county level registry of deeds data, etc. We provide weekly data updates of sales transaction information and other regular data updates delivered to users through our Internet applications.

Real Estate Analysis Tools
Another key area in which we devote specific attention is in the development of application programs. This is how we make data available and useful to real estate industry professionals. As described above we devote significant effort to the collection, clean up and maintenance of our data, but we realize that for the data to be truly useful it must be easily and quickly accessible and it must be delivered in a manner that simplifies the existing duties of the industry professionals. Typically, this involves the development of custom applications for the industry disciplines that we serve. For example, we have an array of tools that are custom designed for use by real estate sales agents and agency offices. This set of tools includes functions that deliver agent specific comparable market analysis (CMA) reports. We are constantly expanding our industry applications. Please browse our site for more details on the other specific real estate application tools that we provide.

Customer Attention
Real Estate Mapping, Inc. has evolved from the work of a small group of information technology consultants with a focused background in GIS. We have worked for many businesses creating custom applications and collecting and consolidating data. From this work in location based technologies, we have gained an intricate knowledge of the real estate industry.
As a small company working with individual clients, we have also come to know and understand real estate professionals. We clearly saw the requirement for collecting and integrating accurate data. Also as importantly, we saw the need and benefits of accessing this data through applications that are cost effective and useful.

We strive to maintain this close relationship with our customers as we expand and add new products in broader markets. We hope to continue to develop and implement custom applications for our clients and will do so with the attentive care and pride in customer satisfaction that you would expect from a private technical consultant.

Real Estate Mapping, Inc.